Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Flummoxed by floorplans.

I've been trying to wrap my head around the DA approved plans for the extension on the house. I'm really not good at visualising spaces from architectural plans. Hopefully I will get a better feel for it once I can stand in the space and measure it out.

Floorplan of existing house

I already know that we want a couple of changes made- the plans include rendering the existing brick, yuck yuck yuck! Bricks look awesome and are much lower maintenance than render or paint. We want to match the bricks on the extension, which may be difficult but Michael's already looking into sourcing salvaged bricks to match it.

There's also a small section of the proposed extension that is weatherboard. I'm not sure why, perhaps there is a reason to use something other than brick. We'll have to get in touch with the architect anyway to make amended plans for council, so we can find out then why they chose to use weatherboard rather than full brick.

Other things that we want to change include the layout of the new bathrooms (must have giant shower!!), the kitchen, and change the placement of a couple of the windows. I'm also will not sure about the carport thing, I'm worried that extending the roof to create a carport at the front of the house will ruin that cute street appeal. We'll see. Again, I really need to be in the space to visualise what it's going to be like.

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  1. This plan seems great. I would love to see the completed project soon. Anyway, I agree with you about bricks. They are low maintenance materials indeed. For the flooring, you can also use wooden floors or vinyls for they can add beauty and value to the house.


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