Sunday, December 19, 2010

House hunted!

After months of searching we have finally found it; Our Dear Little House!

The agent's photo of the street frontage

My fiancé and I had been searching for our first home for months. With a generous budget and an eagerness to put our creative minds to good use, we thought the search for the perfect house would be easy. How wrong we were! We looked at exactly 68 houses- some Saturdays we were looking at ten properties in a row.

Reaching desperation point after 2 consecutive weeks of invoking the '11 second rule' * on every house we saw we decided to advertise for a 'house wanted'. Couldn't hurt, right? We dropped a few hundred hand designed flyers and put an ad on gumtree. We got a couple of replies but none of the properties fit our criteria. We had one last-ditch effort before the Christmas period when all the agents are on holidays and the market goes quiet, deciding that we'd have to rent a place for a while if we didn't find one that day.

Thankfully, we managed to find 2 properties that week that we were interested in; one that was a Victorian home with some whacky 80s renos, and one that was a little 1950s single brick cottage that had some internal updates but a terrible floorplan.

The first went to auction on a Wednesday night, so we went along. The whole way over in the car I was nervous with excitement, but also somehow knew that we were not going to walk out winners. We figured it didn't really matter if we didn't win because we had that little 50's cutie waiting for us. Fate had that in mind for us too- we called the Real Estate agent for the cottage on our way out of the auction- a little negotiating was done and by 3pm on Thursday we had contracts signed!

It's not what we had in mind at the start of our search, but there is something about this house that makes it perfect for us. The plan for this blog is to chronicle our journey from a cute, dated but certainly liveable 1950s cottage to something truly special.

*The '11 second rule' is a commonly used real estate principle; the time frame in which you will know if you don't want to buy the property.


  1. Wow. I just read through the whole journey backwards! (Found the blog on VF)

    Awesome way to document your House adventures, what a great start for the year too! Love your home style :)

  2. Thanks for the comment and the compliment Genevieve! Stay tuned because we're about to start renovations in the next few weeks! You can follow us most easily through blogger, or on facebook :)

  3. Or now on twitter!!/dearlittlehouse


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