Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The waiting game.

So, we've signed the contracts and all that jazz, now we have to make it through that horrible phase- waiting for settlement. Luckily for us, the couple that we're buying from are keen to move in to their new digs. The only problem being is that it is the Christmas break, and all the solicitors of the world are jetting off overseas to sip cocktails on a beach somewhere, so no early settlement. With a standard 42 day settlement and needing to be out of our current accommodation before that's up we asked if the vendor would be interested in leasing the property to us under license. They were pleased with this arrangement too, so we're moving in three weeks early. So excited!!

There are so many things to get organised. Firstly, I can't even remember what I own because it's been is storage for nearly 2 years, and secondly there are a lot of 'big ticket items' that I know I don't have. This means that there is shopping to be done!!

I've spent the last couple of days researching thrilling topics like 'front loader vs. top loader' and 'to frost free or not to frost free?'. Good thing we can do all our big shopping in the Christmas/ New Year sales and have stuff delivered on the day we move in. Perfect!

I just have so many ideas about what we want to do with the house that my head is swimming! I can't wait until we're actually in there. We're planning to start renovations as soon as we possibly can, so I don't want to go nuts on buying furniture etc. I figure we can make do with the hodge-podge of stuff from my former life as a share-houser. It's so tempting though! I keep getting ideas about what I want to do with the new living area, and how I want to do the ensuite, and want to rush out and get stuff RIGHT NOW! The reality is that we don't have anywhere to keep things as we'll be pretty tight for space during the renos.

Temptation did get the better of me a little bit though, I have bid on a couple of art deco light fixtures on eBay. I do have grand plans for them, but more about that later!


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