Sunday, January 30, 2011

Beautiful brush.

We made a little trip to Rozelle markets today and had a great time trawling through the stalls. Rozelle is almost exclusively second-hand wares and there are certainly some interesting finds to be had. Some weeks you can walk out with a carload of stuff, others you don't find a thing. Either way, there is a great atmosphere and it's a great adventure. The coffee and food isn't half bad either!

Hoof brush
Today I found this beautiful hoof brush -at least I am pretty sure that's what it is- for the bargain basement price of $4. I don't actually have a horse (of course, of course) and thus won't be using it for its intended purpose, but I think it will look pretty good on the bookshelf.

The stall that I bought it from had so many great things for very reasonable prices. It's a shame that we haven't done the extensions yet, because he had a few pieces of furniture that I could have seen us living quite happily with.


  1. perhaps you'll manifest a horse now that you've got a hoof brush? when we wanted to adopt a child we got these great little sparkly jelly sandals and made them the mantel centrepiece. worked great :)

    i'm enjoying your blog, nat. love your approach to domesticity, grace and beauty. looking forward to seeing how you hang some of your great photos! aaron


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