Monday, January 31, 2011

Dirty laundry.

Laundry is not a favourite chore, that's for sure! I loathe putting on a less-than-full load, and what I really don't like is sorting through a basket of dirty clothes to find all the white/coloured/dark clothes to group together. Our last laundry 'basket' was huge and awesome- it was actually a whole unit that included a huge pull out drawer for the dirty clothes and a hat-stand type attachment to hang all those things that you wore once but are still good to wear again. Alas, it wouldn't fit in our new place so I needed a new solution.

Trio of laundry baskets

We just have three! Great for sorting- one is for dark, one is for light and one is for coloured clothes. It's also great because a full basket equals a full load, so I can just chuck the whole basket-full in the washing machine in one go! Perfect. Well, as long as everyone has remembered to empty their pockets...

This arrangement works because it's not only practical, it looks good. The good old laundry basket is far from a statement piece, but that doesn't mean that it has to look bad! Choose colours and materials that don't stand out from the surrounds too much, as well as being practical. These baskets have a fabric lining that is removable and cut-away handles on both sides so they are easy to carry. Each basket is different without being so dissimilar that they clash, making it easier to sort the dirty clothes straight in to the correct basket.

These baskets were sourced at Homeline Trader.


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