Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gadgets ahoy!

I thought I'd make a post about the little gadgets and whatnot that we have bought to add to our Dear Little House. It's been fun shopping for all the little things that make a house a home, but I must confess that the insatiable joy I feel when perusing homeware stores is getting on Michael's nerves somewhat! He's imposed a time limit in such stores unless I can find him a suitably entertaining activity in the general vicinity. Fair enough, I suppose!

Breville Ikon Toaster/Kettle
This handy little appliance not only saves us space in our teeny tiny kitchen, but it also only uses one power point. You can use both 'ends' of the appliance at the same time and it is a nice little unit with a retro feel. The kettle is a little on the small side, only holding 1 litre. This is not a massive problem unless you are making a big pot of coffee, and it does boil very quickly. It was only a little more expensive then buying cheap appliances separately, but it is well made and has all the features you need.

Available at Harvey Norman and other retailers.

Bodum Double walled glasses, 250mL

These are so super-cool!! My mum got some about a year ago and I was so jealous of them. The only thing holding me back was the expense, so when I discovered Peter's of Kensington and their Grand Re-Opening Sale I couldn't pass it up! I paid less than half the RRP for a set of 6. They are not only stylish and cool but they are actually really nice to drink from! The double walled design keeps the contents at optimum temperature for longer.

Available at Peter's of Kensington and other retailers.

Amco Garlic Crusher and Slicer

What a wonderful thing! One tool that can either crush or slice your garlic. It includes a built in double-ended cleaning tool that snaps on to the inside of the handle, and on top of it all it's dishwasher safe too. Easy and comfortable to use, it's a great thing to have in the kitchen drawer.

Available at Peter's of Kensington and other retailers.

Cuisipro Foam Punp
This is a somewhat long story; I bought some very expensive liquid hand soap that was on sale (of course!) and the dispenser that it came with was less than great, frequently shooting the soap onto your crotch rather than your hand- not a good look! Then I bought a cool looking soap dispenser to solve this problem, but that broke after only 3 days. I gave up and was just using it broken because I was sick of it, however while I was shopping for something else I came across this little gem. You fill it up with a mix of soap and water (a scale of measurement is conveniently printed on the back of the dispenser) and give it all a good shake. The soap them comes out in a magical foamy dollop! It not only saves on soap while keeping your hands as clean as ever, but it adds a little novelty to an otherwise mundane process. The suction-cup base stops it from moving around on the sink and it has a neat, smooth action.

Available at Howard's Storage World and other retailers.

Simple Human pull-out drawer organiser
Unfortunately our kitchen has next to no cupboard space, so I was quite pre-occupied with finding a solution to this storage conundrum. I looked and looked for something, and finally I came across these drawers. They were expensive, but as soon as I installed them it made the space I have so much more user-friendly. It saves me from having to pull everything out when I want something at the back, and the construction and design is sturdy and well thought out, meaning that I can stack containers on top of each other.

Available at Howard's Storage World.


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