Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gorgeous grandpas

When my grandparents passed away I was lucky enough (or mad enough, as some relatives thought!) to inherit several beautiful pieces of furniture that would have otherwise ended up being chucked in a skip bin. They have been in storage for the last couple of years and I have been having a magnificent time putting in a little restoration work.

All cleaned up and looking fine!
The chairs were in fairly good condition, if not a little dusty. The fact that they are worn only adds to their charm as far as I am concerned, and I wanted to preserve that 'lived in and loved' appearance that makes them feel like home. I have been told that my grandmother's parents actually were the original owners of these chairs, and also that my grandfather was fiercely opposed to re-upholstering them some time before I was even born.

The varnish that was initially applied to the arms is worn in places and buckled. I did consider sanding them back and just polishing up the timber, but decided against it as I felt it would make them look too 'new'. Instead I just used some Gilly Stephenson's Orange Oil to give the timber a nice glow- it also smells divine- and to keep it in top condition. A quick coat of Armor All to the seats and they look stunning. I love the warm glow and comforting feel that they instantly add to the living room.

The cushions were cheap and cheerful and add a quick splash of colour to the room without overpowering the beauty of the chairs themselves. The aqua and grey cushions were $4 each from KMart, the olive green corduroy was $15 from Target and the silver and green peacock design was $30 on sale from the "Bed Bath 'n Table" outlet at Birkenhead Point.


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