Thursday, January 27, 2011

Open bar!

I'm a fan of old and interesting furniture. I'm also a fan of eBay. You can imagine how this could get a little out of hand! But I am restrained (mostly) and believe that if a piece of furniture is meant to be mine then it will happen. Often I find- or scavenge- amazing pieces from all over the place! One thing I have always coveted is an art deco bar (or cocktail cabinet as they are frequently called).

Art deco style cocktail cabinet.

I have always marvelled at these magnificent pieces and dreamed that one day I would have one. In fact, I was once so enamoured with a piece in a cute little inner-city retro store that has long since gone out of business that I used to drive myself there just to look at it. The $895 price tag was so far out of my budget in my student days that looking was the best I could do.

Makes me smile every time I walk past!

I was perusing eBay just doing a general search of 'vintage furniture' when I came across a stunning cocktail cabinet that had only just been listed. The starting bid was a mere $275, but with over a week to go I knew I would be outbid for sure, seeing as they usually go for over $800. I put in a bid and promptly forgot about it. 8 days later I got the notification saying that I had won! What? Nobody else had bid. It was all mine for the bargain basement price of $275. Amazing!

It was almost a disaster when Michael and I went to pick it up. It only just fit in the minivan, and by that I mean that we had to bend the van a little bit to make it work. It was also a nightmare to carry- my back is still sore! A lick of orange oil and some windex later, she was shining. We had fun arranging all the glassware and of course the booze, and as an added bonus we now have more cupboard space in our teeny tiny kitchen.


  1. This is cool! I like the cabinet, such a unique and original design.

  2. I try to avoid one at home especially when you have kids around

  3. Lovely sight for you guys to hold a small cocktail partly huh?

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