Friday, February 18, 2011

Crazy about canisters.

My lovely retro kitchen canisters had a role as ensemble cast for a previous post about my crazy coffee clip gadget, but I think they deserve a post all their own. Inherited from my grandmother, these groovy canisters are a splash of kooky colour in the otherwise fairly drab top-of-the-fridge land.

Retro kitchen canisters
These are way cool and groovy man. To be honest, mostly they don't store what they are meant to, however Irish Breakfast tea (a must do with my morning Vegemite toast) does live in the tea one. Tea also lives in the flour one. And in the sugar one. Hey, I like to have a vast variety of different teas on hand! That's just the kind of tea-loving weirdo I am.

The rice one, however is home to the tin of milo. When you have a teeny weeny tiny kitchen like we do you need to come up with creative places to store things. The coffee one is empty at the moment, but knowing me I'll probably fill it with tea. Why not?


  1. Love your retro cannisters..seriously cool:)


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