Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dear little birdies.

Coasters; so many of them out there, so many of them ugly. Such an epic search for non-tacky coasters that would look spiffy on the coffee table. I ended up falling for these dear little birdie coasters that, while new, manage to emulate a vintage look.

Square ceramic coasters with bird designs
Unfortunately it was just about impossible to get a decent photo of these bad boys close up as the downlights in this room create too much glare on the gloss surface. (Don't worry, the downlights will go at the earliest possible convenience!) I guess there's a benefit to that in that you can now see how they pick up on the colours in the cushions.

There are a few tricks to blending contemporary with vintage, or indeed any 2 styles, and the main one is that one must be the 'underdog' so to speak. You can see a few subtle hints of the contemporary edge in this shot, the strange lettuce and the picture frames for example, but neither compete with the vintage pieces around them. In this image the evidence of the contemporary style may at first seem minimal, but when you consider the soft grey of the walls and the glitzy cushions you start to see more of it coming through.

Don't make the room a constant battleground of two competing styles, allow them to work together. Team big yet subtle with ornate and intriguing. Balance your furniture with your walls, ceiling, lighting and floors. If you try to make a statement with every piece you will loose all of them! The lesson here is; choose a dominant style and follow with complementary elements from the secondary style.

Coasters available at Romantic Notions, 101 Longueville Road, Lane Cove. Phone: (02) 9427 6952


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