Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Delicate issues.

Nothing is more annoying than putting on a load of washing and not being able to find your delicates bag for your unmentionables (because of course we all always use that special little bag all of the time). I have managed to solve this problem completely! Check this out.

Delicates bag with magnetic bamboo clip

I bought these magnetic bamboo clips a couple of weeks ago, and have since found two uses for them. I simply clipped my delicates bag to the side of the washer/ dryer stack with the magnetic clip.

So far I have found it very handy, as I must admit that I am totally guilty of ruining bras and knickers by just chucking them in with the rest of the wash because I can't remember where I put the bag.Having the bag constantly within arms reach means that I can always find it, and keeping the clip on the side of the dryer means that I can just clip the bag back up when I pull the washing out of the dryer. Clever!


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