Friday, February 25, 2011


This is a dusty dear little house, there's lots of old things, we have timber floors, and there's that small matter of the busy roads close by. But it's all okay, we have a marvellous Dyson vacuum cleaner, and I recently discovered these little beauties!

Pledge Grab It electrostatic dusting cloths

If nothing else they are time saving, as they are very efficient at grabbing the dust rather than just moving it around. These ones are citrus scented, but the scent doesn't hang around. I'm not sure how good for the environment they are, but I managed to dust the whole house with just one cloth. I do have an electrostatic duster, but it just gets filthy and you have to replace it frequently. For my money, I'd rather the disposable cloth rather than the whole unit that has to be disposed of.


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