Friday, February 4, 2011

Gone fishin'

It's not true, I haven't gone fishing at all. I just caught these tadpole poles on their way to the skip bin! One of the many awesome things that I have 'rescued' from garbage bins and roadsides all around Sydney.

Scavenged and salvaged; wooden wonders
I actually liberated almost everything in this photo from a skip bin. Public schools that are being closed down or refurbished are a treasure trove of sturdy yet worn pieces, believe me I have loaded up the mini-van numerous times. The vase is just a plain glass cylinder vase from a discount store, and it just has smooth river pebbles and various collected seed pods and giant gumnuts in the bottom. The little birdy is a Hanging Heron from Have You Met Miss Jones.

The first aid cabinet is supercool, I love the message "ALL INJURIES MUST BE REPORTED IMMEDIATELY".  It was pretty worse for wear when I picked it up, and the top of it was covered in some nasty grease that was in turn coated with dust. I gently cleaned it with soapy water and then needed to give it a rub over with some eucalyptus oil to remove the last of the sticky grease. I had to be careful not to get that on the labels though, as that would cause them to peel off. I gave it a rub down with orange oil and now it's beautiful!

Talk about quirky interior decorating ideas!


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