Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Moo MiniCards arrived!

Oh wow, so excited! I ordered these a couple of weeks ago and I've been pee-my-pants excited about their imminent arrival ever since! I knew they would be cool because my photographer mate Rog had some a while back and they were rad, but these are beyond cool. They are awesome!

Moo MiniCards and MiniCard holder
Moo MiniCards are about half the size of a boring, regular business card and they are cute, quirky and eye-catching. Pretty much everything you'd want from a good promo tool. You can fully customise them and the process of uploading and ordering your cards is straight forward and fast.

There is the option to put up to 100 different images on a pack of 100 cards, thus giving people the option to choose their favourite image from the bunch- talk about a way to get people's interest! They are made from good quality card stock with a matte laminate (my favourite!!) so they are sturdy and professional looking. The packaging they come in is also super-cool and suave looking, great for popping straight on a display table at an event or on a counter in a shop. I also sprung the extra $5 for the MiniCard holder (pictured above attached to my keys) so that I would always have a cute collection of MiniCards with me.

Moo MiniCards are so reasonably priced with a fast turnaround and worldwide shipping. Can't go wrong! I almost can't wait for these ones to run out so I can order some more!


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