Friday, March 11, 2011

Colour and creases.

I found out about the Have You Met Miss Jones warehouse sale last year completely by accident. I love her pieces and so was super excited to hear about an opportunity to pick some up at a discounted price!

 Origami Crease vase by Have you met Miss Jones
An interesting piece of clay pottery in a beautiful colour. I love that its shape gives it substance, but the 'creases' in the clay give it a delicate whimsy. A kind of organic geometry is at play here, it gives an illusion of symmetry and evenness without actually being that way at all, reminding me of a seed pod or some similar element of nature that is graceful and subtle in its wonkiness.

This piece is on my bookshelf, teamed with blue and green books, an analogous colour arrangement that allows for each of the colours to work in balance with one another.


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