Sunday, March 6, 2011

Give me MOR.

As far as I'm concerned, a little bit of luxury goes a long long way! I like to indulge just a little bit every day with a few luxe products woven in to my daily routine. Just a little bit of posh-ness can brighten things up and make you feel like a total glamourpuss.

MOR Marshmallow hand and body wash
This product smells amazing, deliciously sweet top-notes of cotton candy and vanilla musk are delicately blended with floral tones of jasmine, white carnation and rose. The warm, romantic scent is strong enough to remind me that it's there, but subtle enough that it doesn't overpower. Apart from smelling amazing it cleanses and refreshes the skin with extracts of peach and mango, while hazelnut and apricot oils help  maintain vital moisture and skin softness.

Being that it's absurdly expensive to maintain a constant supply of this absolutely fantastic product (considering I wash my hands so often) I put it in my Cuisipro foam pump soap dispenser, thus using about a third of the product with each hand wash. I can still feel like a millionaire glamourpuss at 30% of the cost. Oh yeah!

Available from MOR.


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