Sunday, March 20, 2011

On pockets.

Pockets aren't just for overalls, as it turns out. There was a craze in the 1940s and 1950s for these magnificent things called 'wall pockets' or sometimes 'wall vases'. By the end of the 1950s the concept had all but died out, perhaps when people realised how damn tricky the insides of these babies are to clean and that regular vases do a perfectly good job of holding your flowers.

Green wall pocket with ball-chain

Believe it or not this has to be one of the least kitsch wall vases I've ever seen. Most I've ever stumbled across seem to be creepy semi-flattened animals, or ladies with enormously unlikely pockets in their skirts, or are covered in awful gaudy ceramic flowers. Actually, that last one begs the question; why cover something in fake flowers if you're going to put real flowers in it? That question has bothered me for years, in fact it has bothered me proportionally as much as those awful porcelain vases with roses painted on them. Why?!

Anyway, I managed to bring it home under heavy protest from Michael, who 'couldn't see the point of it'. My retort was that 'it didn't have a point but it sure was a pretty green colour'. I had the hefty sum of $12.50 in my wallet so now it's hanging on our bedroom wall next to one of my photographs, being utterly pointless apart from its pretty green colour. One of my favourite features of this weird vase is the clunky ball-chain that it hangs from.

I found this slightly mad addition to our dear little house at a Salvos store.


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