Thursday, March 10, 2011

Quite the paradox.

A dear friend of mine is releasing an album soon, and I was flattered when he asked me if I would take some photos for him to use as the sleeve art. I know it's off topic, but I thought I'd share some of my favourite shots from the day.

No Parking
Forgotten crates

I mainly work in film for my exhibition pieces, but due to the nature of this work it was better to shoot digital images. A change in medium, but not in subject as I mainly shoot textural and architectural photos.

Locked out


The location was an abandoned building in an industrial area, the perfect place to find interesting textures. The central theme for the shoot was to play with the idea that nature was trying to reclaim the place for herself.

Consumed wire fence

Leached lime
My favourite shots that came out of the shoot were not all quite in keeping with the theme, but I still think they show the degradation caused by time and the elements.

Red paint worn through
Blue paint rusted through

There was surprisingly little evidence that people had been there since the place was shut down. I had honestly expected to find the remnants of crazy teenage parties, or at least a bunch of graffiti, but there were only a few scrawls to be found.

Graffiti in the sunlight
I had a great time doing the shoot, and anything that gives me a good reason to get out there with my camera in tow is a good thing! I usually only get motivated to shoot when I have an exhibition coming up. Lazy me!

Paradoxium album to be released soon!


  1. I really like the consumed wire fence one. The colours are beautiful. All the shots are great :)

  2. Thanks Kiki! As I said, it's a little it of a departure from my usual photographic work, but in essence many of the same things I am interested in I found in an unlikely location. I think I strayed a bit from the initial brief, but if the client is happy with the outcome, then I guess that's okay!

    I'm thinking of posting more of my photography and art, after all it is all over the house!


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