Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spaces magazine, a new fave!

I came upon this new magazine when I was looking for boring kitchen and bathroom mags to get some inspiration for the extensions we're about to begin. I didn't leave with anything at all that I was looking for, but I did leave with a big, fat bag full of inspiration!

Spaces magazine by frankie
This large format magazine is chock full of the funkiest, quirkiest and most eclectic interiors from around the world. The people featured seem to be creative types after my own heart; collectors of vintage wears, the owners of funky little stores, designers and photographers. It goes almost without saying that a stable of such creative minds would live and work in creatively decorated spaces!

The most amazing and unlikely combinations leap off the pages of this magazine, and that's what makes it appeal to me so much! Taking things that just shouldn't go and making it work is one of my favourite past times. There are so many gorgeous mash-ups of pattern and texture, so many quirky objects and different ideas! 'Spaces' simply oozes with quirky-licious style! This is the kind of mag that does not sit quietly on the shelf, it calls to you to pick it up, settle in with a good cuppa and lose yourself  in your imagination.

With homes, stores and creative/studio spaces all featured in the mag there is certainly plenty of food for thought! Actually, I've decided that now not only do I need to finish our dear little house, but I need to open a shop and have a creative studio space. But that's probably all just wishful thinking!

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