Sunday, March 27, 2011

Still existing by the list.

When it's rainy and wet outside there's nothing more I like to do than stay warm and cozy inside the house and muck around with some art or design project. Unfortunately for me, we're still crammed into this eetsy beetsy sliver of the house until the renos get started. (Oh man, am I sick of saying that!)

Ultimately this means that there is literally no space for me to work on much of anything at the moment. In the long run of course, this will all be worth it because I will finally have my studio space and enough room to spread out my work- and leave it spread out- so I can sit straight back down to it when next I have time.

Big Ideas pad from Typo

So all I can do for now is to make a list of all the things that I want to start working on and stash it away for another rainy day (hopefully when my studio is ready!). It's kind of exciting because I know that I will move my stuff in to my studio with a whole heap of projects ready to get underway, because like a true procrastinator I only ever seem to have stuff that I want to work on when I have other stuff that needs to be done first!

I know that I've espoused the virtues of list-making before, but I really can not recommend it highly enough, especially with such funky stationery available. Making a list is an excellent time-management tool, especially for the perpetually busy among us who never fail to agree to things before thinking about the time that they require! Prioritising is the key to time management, and time management is the key to being an organised person. Break bigger tasks down in to smaller chunks to make them achievable, or indeed 'beginable'.

I often have ideas that never materialse (usually with good reason) but I would have lost some really great thoughts and ideas that I'd had if I hadn't written them down. Keeping a pen and paper handy gives you the opportunity to write notes for yourself that you can look over later, and time will give you the benefit of a new perspective.

Let me tie this back in with interior design for a moment- the best ideas and inspiration will strike you at the most unlikely times. Have a funky notebook with you to jot down thoughts, brand names, colour schemes, web addresses etc, or even to do a quick sketch. I really feel it when I haven't taken a notebook with me for a day out because with my sieve-like brain I will remember that I thought of something good, but not what it was!

Big Ideas notebook available from Typo.

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