Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tick tock.

I used to have a bit of an obsession with old clocks, but that was in my student days when I was hideously poor and unable to afford to truly indulge my obsession to its full extent. I still like clocks, but I am -somewhat thankfully, as I now have a bigger budget that $10.50 a week- no longer gaga about them. I still have a small remnant of a clock collection from those days.

A couple of clocks from the cool clock collection
Here are 2 of my clocks, pictured here on the bookcase. Both of them have wind-up mechanisms, neither of which ever are wound firstly because neither of them keep good time, and secondly because the larger one ticks very loudly and out of time!

It was a hot, sunny day during the three month summer uni break (ah the days!) when I first stumbled across this little orange wonder at a chic little vintage furniture store that has long since moved on and had its premises converted in to a yuppie townhouse.  It cost me $10, almost all of my weekly budget in those days, and served as my alarm clock for a brief period. The orange-wonder-clock was sacked from that job because it sometimes stops for no reason, thus making it entirely unsuitable for the position.

The clock in the background was an eBay find. Posted to me from China it is a genuine Chairman Mao era timepiece. It was advertised as having a 'dancing fun time chicken' on it. I couldn't make that out in the picture on the listing, but I won it with my bid of $8.50 so I was still happy. The 'dancing fun time chicken' isn't a chicken at all, it's a lady soldier waving the "Little Red Book". This serves as the second hand.  It's kitsch, and funky and typical of the design style of the late 1950s and I love it for those reasons.

Luckily, my clock obsession has waned enough to allow me the time and cash to pursue other obsessions. After all, this dear little house wouldn't be nearly as funky if it was just full of clocks!


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