Monday, March 28, 2011

Vintage threads.

Vintage labels are just so much cooler than their contemporary counterparts. Why don't we make our product labels like that any more? There are a few companies that have embraced the vintage renaissance with their packaging, and I for one am all for it- so much more glam than anything I've seen lately! Still, nothing beats the real deal.

Vintage thread spools
I put an absent-minded bid in on these spools on eBay a few weeks ago and promptly forgot about them (gee, I'm really good at doing that!). I didn't even realise that the labels were on there when I bid on them, all I saw was the beautiful timber and the colours of the thread. What a great surprise when they arrived in the mail with their gorgeous labels still in tact!

These work really well 'clustered' together for some obvious reasons; they are similar to one another and they are all of similar sizes. Some less obvious reasons my be that the colours are working together because they are mainly similar in tonal value, that the texture of each object is comparable to the one next to it, and that they are beautifully symmetrical. What may not be obvious immediately is the balance that is created by the negative spaces, and how what's not there is as beautiful in its shape as what is.

Still head over heels in love with the serif font featured on the SYLKO label. Why don't we use fonts like that any more? I swear, if I'd been born in another era I would have been a typesetter!


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