Friday, March 4, 2011

When size matters.

Currently this dear little house is super short on space, we've got everything crammed into about 80m while we are waiting to get the extensions done.  I am an all-sorts-of-things collector extraordinaire, so this is no mean feat! The upshot of all this is that things are stacked to ceiling height in the study, the laundry and in our bedroom. The problem then is getting to our stuff when we need it. The new must-have item in this dear little house is a stepladder.

Bekvam Step by Ikea
It's got so much more style than your average stepladder, and it makes a great place to rest my ironing basket in the laundry. (Most useful, as the ironing basket is something that I almost never bother to touch ever because ironing is for chumps!) Cheap at twice the price! They are also available in plain old pine but they were out of stock when we went, a smidge of a shame because I would have liked the opportunity to paint it some insane colour.

Available at Ikea.


  1. Hi! I really like your blog. We like a lot of the same things. I'm sure if you give that stepladder a light sand, you'd be able to paint it. I've seen lots of painted veneer on the interwebs :) You can also buy spray-on primers used for painting over plastic from Bunnings or auto shops (where I got mine), which allow you to paint tricky surfaces. I'm curious to know what insane colour you'd use!

  2. Thanks Kiki! It wouldn't be hard to paint at all if I sanded it back, but it's too much of a pain at the moment because we barely have living space! I'm sure I will re-invent it once my studio space is set up.

    As to insane colour choice, I have a Dulux fan deck, so I just choose whatever colour tickles my fancy at the time! Trust me, if and when the time for insane colour comes, it will be blogged about.


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