Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Art Spark: The funkiest chicken!

My littlest brother Cameron is quite the sewer and has been having lessons at a funky little place in Balmain called Art Spark for the past couple of years now. The things that he makes are truly amazing! He did one of their holiday workshops today and this is what he made:

The funky chicken at Art Spark
How cool is it? I'm told that the chicken's name is 'Jonny Smith' and that he is a scientist and rock star. Sewing is such a great creative outlet, and he loves that he can use his 'hands, feet and brain' as he puts it. It's also really great because he gets a real sense of achievement from it, and because he makes such incredibly creative things everyone comments on how wonderful it is!

The staff at Art Spark are wonderful, and all of the kids there have a great time. Cam can't wait to go back! Apart from sewing classes and holiday workshops for kids they also offer art classes for kids and sewing classes for grown-ups. Such fun!


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