Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hang ups.

Hanging up the laundry is squarely my job in this dear little house. It works out for me only because it means that I never have to do the washing up- a 'fair trade' deal between Michael and myself ensuring that I never have to ruin a manicure! So imagine, if you can, the goofy grin on my face when my love of stationery met fatefully with my laundry-hanging duties.

Coat hanger paper clips from Kikki K
I was almost on my way out of the store (of course with a bag full of cool stuff!) when I saw these on the counter. I already have a rather large collection of paper clips in all different shapes, but these were just all kinds of cute!

As an added bonus, you can 'hang' little notes, cards, lists etc from them! I think I may have to create a 'mood board' using twine so I can 'hang up' my inspiration too! Well, that is after I get around to hanging up all the clean laundry...

Available from Kikki K.


  1. Hello Natalie,

    Thanks for the stationery love on your gorgeous blog. We'd love to see a picture when you've got your mood board hanging and happening (you might get some inspiration from our Vision Board pic:

    Hope you don't have too many washing loads to get through this week!

    kikki.K xx

  2. Hi Nat! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I've seen you around on the Vogue forums and Frankie too if I'm not mistaken :) Looks like we definitely have some common tastes including a love for stationary! How cute are those paperclips!?! I think you might like my next post... it involves combining stationary and vintage :)

  3. Thanks for commenting Bec! You have indeed seen me in both of those places :) Looking forward to reading your post, I'm following you (not to sound creepy...)


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