Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Make my day, milk bottle.

Even the worst day can be brightened by the most peculiar of things! A little ray of sunshine into a stressful afternoon or a long hard day can be all you need to take the pressure off for just a minute and take the time to smile. I appreciate anything that can serve such a purpose, and today I show it to you in the most unlikely of vessels.

Retro Make My Day milk bottle

From Aussie company Make My Day, this quirky milk bottle serves as a sugar bowl and milk jug for your tea and coffee break.Sugar sits in the bottom part that acts as a bowl once you take the milk off the top. The milk jug comes with three different coloured lids to match your decor.

Taking a break from it all is sometimes what you need to 'keep on keeping on'. A cup of tea or coffee, a nice, sweet bikkie (preferably with pink icing, of course!) and a little time out to enjoy it can make a world of difference. It goes without saying that when you have such a cute accessory for your afternoon break, it is all the more wonderful!


  1. I think designing such quirky home-wares would be a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I totally agree! I think I'd best stick to collecting though :P

  3. I love their stuff. I bought Mr K this bottle for his refrigerated water (I only drink room temp)...

    Love the milk bottle/sugar combo too. Very original.

  4. I only drink room temp water too! Lots of people think I'm strange for doing it, but it's so much better that way!


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