Thursday, April 28, 2011

The most creative and romantic proposal in the world!

There is the most beautiful photograph hanging in our bedroom. It's a kind of quirky and unusual photo, taken by our dear friend David Sundstrom, an amazing photographer with whom I occasionally exhibit. This image shows a stolen moment that and the tenderness and love that two people share with one another.

Nat and Michael
While I love the photograph for a myriad reasons, but it is so dear to my heart because of the very important job it once did, and the very important job that it continues to do every single day.

Let me start from the beginning; Michael and I had a weekday off to spend together. We were house-hunting at the time so we had some properties to look at in the morning, and Michael suggested that we go to Stills Gallery in Paddington as he'd heard that they had a good exhibition on. That struck me as a little weird because he's not usually the one suggesting that we go to a photography gallery, but I put it down to him just being sweet and thoughtful.

After spending the morning being disappointed by the property market, we decided to shake it off and head over to Stills. We wandered the gallery at a very leisurely pace- I tend to really look at artwork, so I was spending a few minutes on each image. I thought that Michael was starting to get bored as he seemed a little fidgety as time wore on, but it was a good show so I carried on looking thoughtfully at each image.

Then we got to the last photograph, in the very last room of the gallery, after looking at every other picture for a very long time. It was the photograph pictured here. I immediately recognised it as a photograph of Michael and myself and then my eyes fell to the text 'Natalie Pullen, will you marry me?'.

I was truly taken by surprise! My hands flew to my face and I turned around to see Michael on bended knee with a ring in his hand. I believe I said "Are you serious?" and a few choice expletives before he managed to stammer out "Natalie Pullen, you are the love of my life. I never want to be without you. Will you be my wife?"

I forgot to say yes. I just looked at him in stunned silence. He actually had to prompt me by asking me if I was going to accept. Of course, I did so with great enthusiasm and excitement. He slipped the ring on my finger explaining that it was a 'stunt ring' because I'm way too fussy for him to ever be able to choose a ring for me. Cute, he knows me well!

We went downstairs to the main area of the gallery where the staff were waiting with a nice bottle of french champagne. It turns out that it had taken Micheal months to coordinate the proposal, right down to the bottle of bubbly. I knew that he was going to propose, but this I did not expect! Props to Michael for managing to make it a surprise even though I was expecting it- and it's little wonder that he got fidgety as I spent forever looking at every photo!

Now the 'Proposal Photo' as we call it is hanging proudly in this dear little house, forever reminding us of this romantic story and how disgustingly happy we are with one another!


  1. That is the sweetest idea EVER! How lovely!

  2. What a beautiful story... and a great image too : )

  3. That is so lovely, Nat. Congrats to you two on being that happy!

  4. Wow wow wow!!!

    What a fantastic way to propose and very personal to you both :) Aww, isn't Michael a good egg ke ke ke


  5. :) that made me smile. i forgot to say yes too. what a great reminder of a special moment. He's a smart guy. thanks for sharing that story. it very very sweet.

  6. Gorgeous! Congratulations to you both <3

  7. your story Nat...and what a great image you have to remind you both of that incredible moment :))


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