Monday, April 11, 2011

Pewter shoes and nursery rhymes.

There was on old woman who lived in a shoe. Are you serious? How did she fit in the shoe, especially with all those children? It's no wonder that she didn't know what to do, I'll tell you that much for free. This nursery rhyme perplexed me greatly as a child ( I was an over-thinker) and I could never figure out what that children did wrong to deserve little dinner and whipping, after all, it wasn't their fault that there were so damn many of them!

Pewter shoe money box

I was given this by a relative as a child. It used to have a pale pink satin ribbon where sensibly there ought to be laces, but I seem to recall appropriating it for a much more important (yet now utterly forgotten) purpose. I never was very good at saving my money, but much to my surprise when I recently unpacked this I found a handful of coins from foreign countries.

I just love how this supposedly nasty old woman with so many children lived in a shoe that had love-heart shutters on the windows. Following the picture that is painted of her in the nursery rhyme, I highly doubt that she would have chosen such cutesy window furnishings. See, there I go over-thinking again.


  1. Cute shoe :) I had an old woman who lived in a shoe light in my room as a baby, still have it in all it's glorious 70s colours :) Thanks for dropping by First House... Nicolex


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