Thursday, April 21, 2011

Pinkie the typewriter, my dear friend.

You may have noticed that we're changing and re-arranging here at dear little house. I'm trying to funk the blog up a little, you know, make it look hip and suave. I'm getting there! I just pulled out Pinkie to help me with the next little bit of the 'funkifying'. I love Pinkie, I don't know what I would do without her.

Pinkie the typewriter
I did have another typewriter before Pinkie but my mum threw it out once in a spring clean mistaking it for junk. I went about a year bereft of typewritten goodness, but then I walked past Vinnies one day and there she was in the window! They wanted the princely sum of $2 for her.

Now, this was in the 90s and I'm under the impression that vintage typewriters these days are a hell of a lot more expensive than that, but at the time the dear lady behind the counter thought I was mental. I can still find ribbon for her on eBay, and I love the sound that she makes. Much more satisfying than a computer keyboard!

It's great to take her out of her special plastic carry-case and tap out a few little notes every now and again, and everyone appreciates a nice little note from Pinkie and me.


  1. I have my mothers 'Royal' typewriter from the 1950's - it's a gem. I love just looking at her :) At my daughters vintage themed Sweet 16 party I had all the girls type a sweet message to her. The girls thought it was the coolest thing!

  2. I have one from 1960 :-) Happy Easter!


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