Saturday, April 2, 2011

Redheads rock!

When I was a child I wanted a great many things. But above all things, I wanted to be the Redheads matches lady when I grew up. So sophisticated. With her amazing, effortless beauty and coquettish, luxuriously long eye lashes she had it all. Yep. I wanted to be her alright! So much so that, apparently, I frequently came home from daycare with red finger paint all through my hair.

Vintage Redheads matches box
Years later I still admire her for all of those reasons. To use a rather hackneyed phrase, she is an 'Aussie icon', being a familiar face on supermarket shelves since the early 1900s. This version of the pack is from sometime in the early 70s, right in between them replacing her beehive hair-do with a red background (to circumvent having to change their design too often as her hair went out of fashion) in 1971, and her going a bit goth and starting to wear black 'lipstick' in 1975.

This box was given to me by an elderly lady who couldn't figure out why I even wanted to look at the box. I guess there's no accounting for taste!


  1. you do have pretty long eyelashes!! xx


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