Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal wedding in review.

Despite the Royal Wedding Fever that enveloped much of the country in the last few weeks, I remained fairly ambivalent to the whole thing and managed to avoid most of the hype. I was, however cordially invited to attend a party last night in celebration of the nuptials of Will and Kate. Michael and I attended the party predominantly to catch up with fiends, however once the coverage of the wedding started I was totally hooked.

The balcony kiss (image via Associated Press)

Something about the pomp and circumstance of the whole thing really drew me in. It all started when we arrived and were immediately thrust into the intrigue of the dress, with our host offering us a chance to enter in her 'guess the dress' competition. We were given some pencils and a dressmaker's figure outline and had to quickly sketch out what we thought the dress would be like.

Having done absolutely no reading on the subject, I sketched out a giant meringue dress with a tiara and cathedral veil. I was going to lose this competition according to some far better appraised of the subject than I. Well, sucked in. I was pretty damn close. I must say that I did not pick the sleeve situation, but apparently you have to cover your shoulders in Westminster Abbey. News to me!

I must say I'm not the biggest fan of the dress, although the 'twitterverse' would disagree with me. I didn't really think it suited her and found it altogether a bit 80s. Also, I found that the lace gave the unfortunate illusion that she was 'high-beaming' the whole world. I did love the tiara though, which is a phrase I never ever thought I would utter in my life.

There were two outfits of note that I would like to discuss. One; Pippa's Maid of Honour dress. Holy WOW batman! That was absolutely jaw-dropping, and the general consensus among the party-goers last night is that her dress out-shone that of the bride herself. In fact, several entrants in the 'guess the dress' competition came closer to Pippa's frock than Kate's. It was simply gorgeous! Stunning silhouette and absolutely flattering.

Oh Beatrice... really? (image via

Two;  Beatrice's "hat". What the heck was that about? It looked like she was wearing deer antlers- the kind you get at the two-dollar shop for your dog to wear on Christmas morning. One friend of mine commented that perhaps she was performing a public service and would offer to use it to hang the royal family's coats at the reception. Other people thought that it must have been a bet. I have to say though, I really did love the jacket that she was wearing.

So I did get rather caught up in the Royal Wedding Fever pandemic that swept the Commonwealth, if only for the few hours of media coverage. I was rather excited that Ita Buttrose (one of my idols!) was commentating on Channel 9, but then I was completely miffed when they stopped the coverage halfway through to go to Friday Night Football. That's Australia for you.

Luckily, almost every other channel was covering the wedding, so we did get to see the all important 'balcony kiss', or rather 'slightly stilted and awkward peck'. Perhaps we should refer to the dry-lipped peck as 'The Cambridge' in future. Do you think it will catch on? For a couple that's been together that long, you'd think they would give it a decent snog for their adoring public!

The vintage Aston Martin (image via Daily Telegraph)

The vintage Aston Martin Volante that Will took his princess for a spin in was pretty awesome, especially as it belongs to his environmentally conscious daddy Charlie, who has had it converted to run off ethanol fuel generated by wastage from the royal vineyards. Uh huh! I am still really confused about the L-Plates though. Surely the man can drive... he flies a damn rescue helicopter! And does that mean that Kate is the fully licensed driver accompanying him? I think it's probably a joke, like learning to be husband and wife type thing...surely.

There's something about weddings, you just can't help but feel a little bit excited, even if it is two people on the other side of the world who you have never met. I wish the happy couple all the happiness in the world, and I also wish Beatrice the best of luck in recovering from the deer-antler hat fiasco.


  1. We all got the hair wrong though!

  2. True, everyone picked that it would be up. Except Michael, but I think his Morticia Adams dress design with the afro hair-do was somewhat less than serious.

  3. I took the 'L' plates as L for Love <3

  4. I will start referring to it as 'The Cambridge' ha ha ha
    I'll give you full credits for coining the term ;)

    I really love this candid shot of them in the Aston Martin :) It really captures their comfort in one another and the fun, unlike the peck!

  5. I was dead serious!
    And it wasnt Morticia, it was Elvira thankyouverymuch.


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