Friday, April 8, 2011

Save the benchtop, use the rhubarb.

There are a great many pieces available in this world for -of all things- holding your wooden spoon for you while you are cooking so that you don't make a smudgy mess on the bench top. I myself have always though them a little frivolous, perhaps chiefly because I am a supremely messy cook and the benchtop cops a hell of a mess regardless. That is until I saw this one by Rhubarb.

Utensil holder by Rhubarb

Something about it is so endearing! I can't quite put my finger on it though. First I was trying to remember some cute cartoon worm from my childhood that it maybe, perhaps, ever-so-slightly resembled. Then I moved on to thinking it had some vaguely comical human quality about it, with the way his 'foot' is planted on the ground. Then I followed a train of thought that made me think of a Michael Leunig cartoon... alas.

Who knows what it is about this thing that lures me to it so, but whatever it is it's working out for me. The picture isn't actually showing its correct use- there is a lip that holds your spoon upright at the top- but I needed to show that quirky little leg at the back, with his ever-so-cute foot planted on the bench. See, there I go personifying my spoon holder again.

I bought this fabulous addition to this dear little house at Giving and Living.


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