Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The first bricks have been laid!

Today they laid the first bricks for our house extensions, so exciting! We're seeing walls go up here people. We were lucky with the weather today as it had promised to be a nasty one, but the rain held off and the builders managed to get a fair bit done despite the looming rain and severe weather warnings floating around this morning.

The first bricks laid
It's really exciting seeing the walls go up! Although I have repeatedly been told that this bit doesn't really count as the walls because it's just the bit that holds up the foundations. Where that dirt is inside the bricks there will be where the concrete is poured for the slab. Also exciting, today we chose the aggregate to go in the concrete mix for our polished concrete floors. Rad.

View from the driveway
We are really starting to get a sense of how big the room is going to be and where everything will go. On Tuesday we finalised the layout for the kitchen and chose the fixtures and finishes as well as the lighting that we wanted. Such fun, but also a little bit stressful, especially with the layout as that's not something you can change easily.

We went with plain white for the cupboards with nice, long slimline handles on all the cupboards and drawers. We have chosen Caesarstone bench tops in a mid grey with tiny flecks of chocolate brown to complement the polished concrete flooring and the reclaimed timber we are going to incorporate as shelving and an island bench. We have yet to choose our island bench, we want to use an old timber industrial bench so we will wait to source that until we have a kitchen to put it in. We are going to have a plain splashback, white subway tiles with a grey grout, and a great big double-bowl butler sink. I can't wait until I get to share pictures of that!


  1. How exciting! I love coming come from work and seeing a big change :-)

    We have some friends with polished concrete floors and they look amazing! I think it would be the direction we would go in if we didnt have gorgeous floorboards hiding under our carpet.

    Your kitchen sounds lovely. Cant wait to see the progress!

  2. yum!! love a butler sink!! i'm 80% of the way convincing Adam we need a new kitchen.... he wants a ski trip first but our oven is almost dead and i'm not replacing that without reconfiguring things and getting new benchtops! ps you need to get a dog.

  3. Mindi, as soon as the renos are all done we are so getting a dog :)

  4. Hope you are gonna have your dream place. I am so excited to see the images of your beautiful house.


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