Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Renovation starts with a good bit of demolition!

The renovations have finally started on our dear little house! Yesterday was the first day of major demolitions on our home, with an existing extension from the 1970s being ripped down to make way for a much more exciting (and much larger!) extension.

Dear little house before the demolishing happened
Of course, being that this started on Monday we spent most of the weekend madly trying to redistribute all the 'crap that we'll deal with later' that was just haphazardly chucked in the back rooms when we moved in. All of the empty boxes from the move, a few random things that we realised were useless (like a broken chair), and all the boxes marked 'Misc.'. This was no mean feat. Our laundry is now so chock full of boxes that there's just enough room to open the washing machine of you stand to the side.

Can I tell you, it s a very unnerving experience being inside a house that is being demolished. Sure, they were only demolishing the crappy 70s weatherboard extension that had been tacked on the back, and I was sitting in the glorious 50s brick front part of the house, but the noise! And the house shakes. Also, impossible to use the loo when there is a builder demolishing the roof just outside the (inadequately frosted) bathroom window.

Dear little house after day one of demolition
So I think they made pretty good progress in a day. They are back again today to (hopefully) finish the demolition. So excited that it is really, actually, finally happening! One unfortunate side effect of all of this is that the possum who lived in the little green shed is now homeless. What's worse is that last night he found his way in to our roof.

I woke up at 1.30 this morning and totally freaked out because I thought there was someone in the house. Michael was brave and went to investigate. After about an hour of over-reacting to every little sound I was convinced (by Michael) that it was just the possum (after a trip outside in the freezing cold with some torches). Not a good night's sleep. I'm seriously hoping that he doesn't decide to make our roof his new home- nightmare!


  1. Good luck with your renovations!

    No doubt you are keen to get started on the 'renovating' part and get the demolition part over and done with. I also hope the possum has left your roof by now :/

  2. How exciting, you're on your way! Looking forward to reading about your reno in the months to come! Nicolex

  3. How exciting for you! Good luck, looking forward to following your renovation journey!

  4. How exciting! I'd be ecstatic :D

    Bummer about the possum :(

  5. Possum is gone, hopefully thanks to my vigourous pounding of the floor every time we heard a noise.

  6. Having that done marks the start of making your place better than ever. It's pretty unnerving to go inside the house while the demolition work is ongoing, since something might happen along the way. About the possums, I think you should prevent them from making your roof as their new home, as they may disturb you during nighttime.

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