Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sailboats and sunshine.

Finally, a day of sunshine after all this miserable rain. What is better than a sunny Sunday spent browsing op shops, garage sales and the markets for some quirky, vintage finds? Especially when you have such great luck! I present you with the kooky, awesome, vintage find of the day.

Vintage sailboat painting

The conversation went a bit like this; I said "We need to have that sailboat painting" to which Michael replied "What? That sailboat painting? *lots of over the top gesturing and pointing*Are you serious? What the hell do you want that for!" and then I said "Babe, you need to trust me with these things." So we bought the sailboat painting for a mere $20 from the garage sale man.

To Michael's credit he does realise that my interior design skills far outstrip his own and thus acquiesced. He did agree that it does look awesome once we had got it home and hung it above the sideboard.

It has the perfect amount of kitsch to complement our 50s dining furniture, and the gold trim on the frame highlights the gold trim on our sideboard and dining chairs. The grey-blue tones in the ocean and sky, as well as the slightly yellowed patina, work wonders with that blue wall.

I also bagged two pairs of shoes (which almost never happens to me because I have giant feet), a blue Peter Morrisey handbag with a funky bamboo handle, a beautiful antique hanging mirror, and a stack of unused vintage postcards. I also bought lunch, had a manicure and still had change from $100. Super awesome haul if you ask me!

Did you have any funky finds this weekend?


  1. I love that painting! Is it a print or an original by someone random?

  2. It looks to be a print that someone has painted over with a viscose varnish to make it look like it is painted. Strange, but it works!


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