Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award.

How terribly flattered I am to have been awarded the Stylish Blogger award by Claudia at Wish You Were Here. Thanks a million!

As is the process, I need to reveal seven things about myself and pass the award on to five fabulous bloggers! So here goes:

1. My favourite colour is green. Any old green will do.

2. I don't like squidgy/slimy foods (think custard, jelly, eggplant) and no amount of saying "Try a bit, you'll like it" will change my mind. I wish it would as I'm sure I'm missing out of some great food but it's not a flavour thing at all- it's the texture that I can't get past!

3. My (vintage/toy/lo-fi) camera collection is getting out of control. I'm totally okay with that.

4. I am an excellent bargain shopper. Sometimes people take me on their shopping trips to use and abuse my bargaining prowess. This is also something that I am okay with. There's a thrill to bargain hunting, you know.

5. I am totally addicted to stationery and paper products. I organise my stationery in perfectly labelled drawers. It might be considered just a little obsessive compulsive.

6. I drink lots of tea and always have several different blends on hand, just in case somebody pops in. I like to be able to offer them at least six different tea choices. It's strange because I almost always just drink Irish Breakfast myself.

7. Whenever I talk to a dog I put on a silly voice that's a little bit like Scooby-Doo and say "Who's a doggy? You're a doggy! Yes you are a doggy! Who's a doggy?" over and over again. I don't know why. I can't help it. It's strange to say the least.

And now for the fun part, passing this on to five of my favourite blogs! (So hard to choose!)
Nicolex @ First House on the Right 
Briar @ Sunday Collector
Maria @ Design Elements
Dabito @ Old Brand New
Louise @ Table Tonic

And thanks again to Claudia at Wish You Were Here for thinking me worthy of this award!


  1. Nat, you're too kind! What a lovely surprise, was scrolling down enjoying your seven revelations only to find myself on your list of blogging faves THANKS SO MUCH. Had to laugh at your tea blends as I too have a crazy variety to offer friends but always drink Irish Breakfast myself :) Do you find that there are fewer and fewer people who will have a cup of tea, mostly it seems to be coffee :(

    Enjoy the rest of the week, 2 more days to the weekend, woot woot! Nicolex

  2. You are most welcome:) There's a place in my heart for coffee, but there's more space for a cup of tea. Can't start the day without a robust Irish Breakfast (or two)!

  3. thank you for the award, Nat! I had to laugh at your tea blends too. I'm a tea drinker too and also I talk to my labrador often :-) big hugs to you


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