Thursday, June 9, 2011

Adorable Japanese dip glazed bowls.

I mentioned the other day that I has just discovered the Balmain Road Antiques Centre. When I was there I found some cute little Japanese dip glazed bowls, and I do have a little soft spot in my heart for the vintage chic of Japanese dip glazing.

Vintage Japanese dip glazed bowls

Michael was less excited about the purchase than I was, but for a measly five bucks it was too much of a bargain to pass up! Perfect for tapas dishes or for serving nibbles at gatherings, these bowls look as nice on display as they do on the table. The warmth of the colours and the quirky vintage loveliness of the dip glazing makes them a great little purchase! I am most pleased with my dear little bowls.


  1. Those look lovely, my other half never gets excited about these things either - in fact he pokes fun at me for getting so excited!

  2. Hi Nat. I love them! And what a bargain! Well done!
    Claudia xo

  3. I don't bother showing DH my purchases. He got his mothers taste :)

    You did well. Don't you love a bargain!


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