Sunday, June 26, 2011

This week I discovered: Cherish Vintage Treasures.

Ok, a white lie (I discovered them a few months ago at the Vintage Fair) but my-oh-my too cute not to share! Made from new and vintage components, Cherish jewellery is the kind of kitschy cute that I really dig.

Cherish Vintage Treasures greyhound brooch
When I saw this sweet little greyhound brooch there was just no resisting! Michael and I can't wait to adopt a rescue greyhound and are busying ourselves reading up on the breed and what we need to do to rehabilitate an retired racer until we are ready to bring one of these stunning animals in to our home.

I love the off-white colour and the sleek representation of this gorgeous dog, not to mention the amazingly cute packaging that it came in. I can see myself using this beautiful piece to secure a neck scarf, or to adorn the lapel of a nice warm jacket. You can have your own gorgeous piece by visiting Cherish Vintage Treasures on Etsy.


  1. Greyhounds are such gentle dogs, i'm excited to hear that you are adopting one soon :)

  2. We are actually, maybe, perhaps thinking about getting two... so they have a playmate when we are at work. We don't work long hours out of the house, but I can't dear the thought of a lonely puppy dog!

  3. I love greyhounds probably because of Simpsons. They're so cute with their long legs. I can't wait til you adopt a couple of them. Exciting!

  4. ever since i owned two dogs at once, i could never go back to just one!
    not only are they great company for each other... but there is cuteness synergism!
    (Harry and Henry have a facebook profile in case you needed proof... not quite as elegant as greyhounds though!)

  5. Thanks for featuring Cherish! As you may know - or maybe not - at least 30% of all sales from Cherish go to animal welfare funds and your mention of Greyhound rescue, a very worthy cause and issue Im a great supporter of, got me thinking.
    So my next donation will be to an Adopt a Greyhound fund. I've found but do pass on any other funds you think are worthy!

    PS. Also check out
    for more Cherish goodies xxx

  6. Hey! That's amazing, thanks you so much! are also a really great organisation.

  7. Oh my gosh, i LOVE the pin! and i absolutely adore my greyhound! i have one, mister marmol, who does well on his own. I almost wish he didn't so we'd have an excuse to get another! But we foster and he has lots of friends! I can't tell you how much love one of those needle noses will bring to your home, he is the apple of our eye! Can't wait to see who you find!

    molly @

  8. Thanks for the tip - I'll check em out!
    Annie - CHERISH xxxx

  9. I love the greyhound brooch. They have such elegant, pleasing lines. Show us when you wear this :)


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