Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tick tock, new clock!

So I have posted previously about the little obsession I used to have with clocks and how I culled my collection to a measly few, but I bought a new clock on the weekend. Correction, Michael bought a new clock on the weekend, so I guess I can say I'm still on the wagon in regards to the purchase of more clocks than necessary. I pointed out how cute they were and he decided that we needed it, that counts as his purchase rather than mine, right?

Typo flip clock in white
It is rather cute, no? I love how the numbers flip down, reminds me of banks in the 80s (have I mentioned that my memory works in weird and wonderful ways?).  The one drawback is that it is a little noisy for the bedroom, which is where Michael planned to put it. That's okay, it has been relocated to the dining room for the moment and will probably live in the new lounge room once it is built.

This cute retro clock is available in several different colours from Typo.

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  1. What a cool clock, definitely counts as Michael's purchase :) Must get to Typo (can't believe I haven't already, shame on me) and must get over to your giveaway! Have been on my way there all evening.


  2. Ooooh I love this! It's so cute! I also really love how the numbers flips down, much better than a ticking hand!

  3. I love this clock so much I have one for my desk at work and one at home too! (So reasonably priced too!) Miss Walker xoxo

  4. It's really clocks too but the last two I've had broke suddenly and for no reason...I seem to be ok with wall clocks though :))

  5. This is a very nice clock. I really loved this one. Hungry shark evolution hack


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