Sunday, July 3, 2011

The conundrum of couch configuration.

The living space in our extension is just one big open room with areas for the kitchen, dining, and lounge. Being that it is such a big area we decided a while back that we wanted a huge, comfy modular lounge to dominate the living area and give us heaps of seats for entertaining friends Sounds easy, yes?

Scale models of the different couch configurations
Turns out, no. We found an awesome couch yesterday that suited out needs perfectly and were confident that it would easily fit the space. We decided that we should go home and double-check the space before we placed the order to make ultra sure it was a perfect fit. Lucky we did because we encountered a problem that we hadn't even thought of.

The modular configuration that we had chosen fit the space really nicely and was perfect for crashing out and watching telly, or having a big bunch of friends around for a movie night. It didn't block any of the doorways, and there was plenty of space to move around it. The problem was that you had to go all the way around it to get to the seats. Very impractical!

Lucky for us we had picked up the brochure outlining all the different modular configurations that are available. We were able to make little scale cut-outs of all the different options and play around to make it fit in the room with enough space between them for us to walk through. I thought for a bit that we were going to have to lose the super comfy chaise, but thankfully we were able to fit it in and can still have a huge 8 seats. Phew!


  1. What a good idea to make the to-scale cut-outs. I like how you guys think :) Nicolex

  2. Yeah, there's still a big difference between what's on paper and the real thing! Here's hoping we've judged it correctly.

  3. Hehe, that's the way we designed our bathroom!

  4. I'll claim that little idea.
    Ta. :P

  5. Space management is crucial when it comes to small to mid sized apartments

  6. The cout doen of couch configuration is described here. Have a look at it


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