Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fantastic market find: New desk!

Guess what I just bought at the markets? Delivered to our door and all. I was sure I saw this desk a few months ago and was really disappointed that I couldn't buy it right then and there as we had no room. Fate must have wanted me to have it because after we've shuffled some things around to give us a bit more room, there it was again.

What a bargain! Beautiful Kauri pine desk
Of course, it can't go in the studio yet because we're still using that as a bedroom until the extensions are done, so we're squishing it in to Michael's study along with his desk, a wardrobe, and a huge stack of boxes. Oh well, the studio will be ready soon enough. Time to get busy organising my things- most of which are making a mess of the dining room at present...!


  1. what a bargain! It looks great.
    Have a fantastic week-end Nat :)
    Claudia xo

  2. I officially pronounce you the market queen!


  3. check out the patina on that desk, so much history. I love Kauri pine, it ages so well and you don't see anything made from it anymore. Great find!

  4. The author is finally showing the new desk. Have a look at it

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