Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pretty Bird!

Holidays are time for a little pampering in this dear little house, so yesterday I took myself off to the salon for a freshen up of the old 'do. I went to Pretty Bird salon in Rozelle and had a little primping from the magnificent Effie, not to mention the rest of the girls!

Serious 'new haircut' photo

The cool thing about Pretty Bird is that it is part hairdressers, part beauty salon, and part awesome funky clothing store! Who doesn't want to go do a little bit of clothes shopping and get their hair done? I actually bought the top that I'm wearing in the photos and a cool lime green scarf right before my hair appointment!

Silly 'new haircut' photo
It's a shame I wasn't going anywhere nice last night, only to my weekly Actionball game. I mean, really, when you've just had your hair done, you've bought a new outfit, and you're feeling pretty good the last thing you want to do is get all mucky playing team sports! Oh well, I definitely had the funky-coolest hair on the courts!

To make an appointment at Pretty Bird salon you can call (02) 9818 2002. My stylist's name is Effie, but all the girls are great! Also, they have a sale on all their clothes at them moment. Rad!


  1. No doubt you had the coolest new haircut on the court :) Sounds like such a fab place to have your hair done. Nicolex

  2. Awesome hair cut!

    My hair dresser is a seasoned renovator and tells me renovating stories the whole time. No fun shopping to be had though :-(

  3. Sweet hairdo! I could never pull that off and admire gals who can :) xo

  4. Thanks Shannon, it's all about the attitude! Wear it like it's meant to be that way!

  5. Hey lovely Nat, you look great, your hair rocks! Love it!
    Claudia xo

  6. kind of obsessed with the new hair. ROCKING IT, girl!! ox

  7. nice do! cray cray <3
    i miss my pink hair sometimes.


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