Tuesday, July 26, 2011

So, we went to Costco.

Costco has just opened here in Sydney and we just had to check it out. I lived in Canada for a year and was introduced to the marvellous world of Costco then, so why wouldn't I join as soon as it opened up here?

Costco; HUGE, in a word
It's just like I remember my old local East Van Costco, only shinier and with more ramps. Funnily enough, the whole place smells like dryer sheets- something I haven't caught a whiff of since I came home- and it immediately bought all these happy Canadian memories flooding back and made me miss my Canadian friends.

$7.50 for 2 huge slices and a refillable soft drink
We ate our cheap and cheerful- and very tasty- dinner before heading in. Here's a handy tip though, do your membership online before you get there as the queue to sign up was astronomical. You can gain entry with your internet printout but you do eventually have to register for the card.

Everything is supersized
We easily saved more money than it cost us to get a membership in just one trip. The thing is that basically everything is supersized, in bulk packs or quantities. You either need to have a lot of cupboard space of a few mates who are willing to split the shop with you to make it work. Things like triple packs of pasta sauce or cleaning products are what you'll find, that or a 4 litre bottle of tomato sauce...

Giant bucket of 1000 Chupa Chups
Confectionery is king, there was everything from 2kg buckets of Gummi Bears to boxes of 1000 Mars Bars. Insanity. I bought a nice big box of my favourite muesli bars too. I did also take a photo of the huge display of 1kg Vegemite buckets but, alas, my phone seems to have eaten it.

You can even buy a kitchen sink- no kidding!

The store is roughly organised into the following categories; deli/meats/seafood, bakery, produce, grocery, household and what I like to call 'totally random'. The totally random section was hilarious- everything from diamond rings to underpants, cubby houses to kitchen knives. Certainly worth the adventure on a chilly Tuesday evening!


  1. cosco also opened in canberra on friday - heard the line for membership was huge!
    thanks for the tip.
    looking forward to checking it out.

  2. Yeah, it wasn't too bad last night but it has been open for a few days already. Maybe wait a week or so!

  3. I went to the Melbourne one with a girl from work who is a member.

    I walked around in a daze! It was amazing!

    All I ended up buying was a massive bag of peanut butter cups and some huge tubs of Lurpak butter....healthy haha!

  4. Oh it is SOOO not healthy! We have more cookies in the house at the moment that we would have collectively eaten all year ;p

    I think the trick would be to find people to split it with. Buying one double pack of Oreos is almost excessive- at Costco, the double packs come in a 4 pack!

  5. Costco rocks!
    My oh can spend the day there, and comes home with a glint in his eye and all sorts of stuff in the boot of the car! We now have a well stocked cupboard full of tins and packets and when anyone ever says they are looking for something, he always says COSTCO!
    Happy shopping :)

  6. It looks fantastic...am definitely going...
    Claudia xo

  7. I wish we had a Costco in Adelaide! Hopefully they will open here one day, when I have a bigger house with more pantry space!

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