Saturday, July 2, 2011

The traditional holiday to do list.

Lucky me, two weeks holiday! Of course I mark these occasions by making a big, fat list of all the stuff that I have to get done or would hope to accomplish before I have to go back to the daily grind of my real job.

The traditional To Do list with the equally traditional cup of Irish Breakfast Tea

This morning I sat down with my too cute holiday notebook from Typo, my usual Irish Breakfast tea, and a special little secret indulgence 'trailer trash' food; baked beans and pretendy cheese on toast. I didn't take a photo of the beans because as you may imagine it doesn't look pretty.

(Note: Don't try to eat this while sitting on your bed with a camera, laptop, notebook and jar full of pens. It won't end well.)

I love making lists because it means that I get to cross things off. I have even been known to do something that's not on my To Do list and then go and add it on- just so I can cross it off. Ha! Naturally I colour coded my list by category, mainly so I could use more pretty coloured pens. Now to get to it!


  1. Ahhh... lists... whats not to love? Especially colour coded... its nice to know I'm not alone!!

  2. I love making lists too! Typo is one of my favourite stores. I want everything in there! I have such a stationery addiction.

  3. Trust me, my stationery addiction is out of control :p

  4. those are my favorite pens! i have so many! also microns in various tip sizes and colors. my mom always advises me to add a couple things that i've already done because its good to start off a hefty to do list with some momentum and a sense of accomplishment. love her.


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