Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fascia happened.

Time for a dear little house building update! More rain delays have hindered the progress somewhat but not to worry, a few fine days in the mix have meant that the builders could get on with the job. We were due to have the roof started yesterday but- of course- it rained.

The view from our construction site/backyard

The bricks have been finished for the ground floor and a brick elevator will be arriving on Monday so that the bricks can be hauled up for the second story. It makes a huge difference looking around the indoor space when you can really see where the windows are. I can't wait until upstairs is done too.

All the framing has been completed for the roof and the fascia installed at the front of the extensions (you can see the fascia up there above the roof in the photo below). So the plan is; second floor brickwork and the roof going on, all in the next 2 weeks. Looking good!

Front view and our shambles of a driveway
In the meantime our driveway is becoming less and less accessible, a small price to pay I figure! The posts have been galvanised to start work on the carport too, they are there next to our bins. Our builder says we should be able to shift in to the extensions in about 6 weeks so work can be started on the front of the house. So exciting!

In the meanwhile, we need to decide what colour to paint the fascia- any suggestions?


  1. Ooh, it's looking good! I think a nice dark brown, or a creamy off-white/beige would be a nice colour~

  2. Michael likes the idea of off white too, but I just keep thinking about how horrible it will look when it gets dirty... :(

  3. Looks great so far. Can't wait to see more.

    Re: rendering
    We are not fans simply because of the maintenance required to keep it looking good :(


  4. Oh, it's not rendering. We aren't fans of rendering either. That small section of roof is above the existing house so bricks were not structurally feasable. It is just a small section of fascia board :)

  5. It's coming along beautifully! What abiut a nice shade of grey?


  6. Very exciting Nat...can't wait to see the final result xo

  7. you should play with it in photoshop! what about a gunmetal grey?

  8. I was thinking a grey could be nice, it would work with the driveway.

  9. I'm already anticipating of the result of this one.


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