Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Jo totes, camera bags for ladies.

I recently bought a new camera bag online, not just any camera bag but a Jo Tote! So excited, I couldn't wait until it arrived so I could look more stylish on a photo mission- because that's a real priority here people. To top it off? No more lugging around a camera bag and a handbag- these babies have it all in one.

Image from Jo Totes

I was so sick of the bulky and utilitarian-looking camera bags that are definitely less that spunky- this has so totally solved my problem! No more ugly camera bag that is difficult to manoeuvre and has no spot for my lip gloss. No more lugging around my camera gear in a hideous backpack that is a nightmare to access.

I could have just about bought all of their bags- so pretty. And so useful, adjustable compartments and all. Space for lipgloss? Check! Space for a camera, spare lens, filters, film, mini-tripod...? Check! Handy pockets? Check! Love it!


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