Monday, August 8, 2011

Playing along; Mantelpiece Monday.

I like rearranging the mantelpiece and have discovered a kindred spirit! So today I am playing along with Mantelpiece Mondays at Fortune Favours.

Mantle with collage and flip clock
The collage is one of my mixed media works and the flip clock is from Typo.

Have a wonderful week everybody!


  1. I love your mantel, it looks so perfectly clean and white and those walls!!!! A perfect back drop for a minimalist clock and lovely work on paper, nice one :)

  2. oh great clock ! good to see them coming back, I loved them 1st time round too. thanks for sharing your Mantelpiece, see you again next Monday I hope.

  3. I love your collage! It's the perfect piece of art for having on a mantle piece ♥

  4. Thanks- it looks better in real life, you can't really see the textures in the photo :)

  5. Lovely red brick and white mantel, suits your display well x


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