Friday, August 5, 2011

So high it needs scaffolding.

Since the rain has finally stopped our builders have made great progress to make up the nearly three week delay from the terrible weather. They have done all the framing for the roof, ripped off the part of the existing roof that needed to go and bricked up as high as a bricklayer can reach.

Our entryway is an obstacle course
The scaffolding arrived yesterday and went up this morning. I'm sure before we know it the brickwork will be finished and the roof will go on. Awesome! Lots more material arrived too, so there is just about no room for Michael to park his car. I've been parking on the street for almost two months now since the bricks arrived.

Looking up from the scaffold
We are thinking over things like our tile choices and fixtures for the bathrooms, timber for the upstairs flooring,  grout colours for the kitchen tiling, so on and so forth... seems never-ending! Great fun though. You never realise how many thousands of choices there are until you have to narrow them down.

Looking into upstairs, which will be our bedroom
I'm going to start doing some sketches to try and visualise the look of each bathroom and the kitchen, that way we can be sure of our tile choices and I can give it to the builder so he knows what I mean. In the meantime, here is another picture of the love-bird wheelbarrows.

What a mess
Not too long until our dear little house will be not-so-little! That's the bit that I am really looking forward to, I can unleash my inner interior decorator and get a little creative.


  1. so excited for you - real progress!!
    let the weather god's be kind to you.
    cheryl xox.

  2. Awesome! You must be getting so excited!


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