Sunday, September 4, 2011

Tiles for our ensuite.

'Option paralysis'- too many options makes it so much harder to choose! We had a fair idea of what tiles we wanted in the dear little ensuite, but it is difficult when you say "I want big, white tiles" and they show you literally 50 different options! Finally we have made our choices though... well, at least for the ensuite...

Ensuite tiles
We have opted for river stone pebbles in mixed shades on the shower floor- this is still a large area as the shower is massive- the bluestone on the remainder of the floor and the back (shower) wall in 600x300, and then these really funky high-gloss white tiles in 100x600 for the remaining walls. I think it is going to look amazing!

I'm glad we found the white tiles in a kooky shape because we really needed white to balance out all the large, dark bluestone tiles and to match the vanity we have chosen. But white can be so awfully boring! At least in this shape it is a bit funky and different without being too over the top, or too contemporary. There's a fine line between 'future-proof' and 'just plain boring'.

The trick was to choose something interesting and bold that won't date so quickly that I will want to rip it out and start over in 5 years! The neutral colour scheme was a must; I can chop and change accessories to my heart's content and still have a solid base to work with. The pebbles in the shower are going to be magical on my feet, like a foot massage every time I have a shower! Can't wait.


  1. LOVE your choices!

    Pebble tiles for the shower floor sound awesome!

  2. I second the comment above! What a great idea.

  3. Thanks, I think it will be a really relaxing space.

  4. The river stone pebbles are going to be amaaarzing! Nicolex

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