Tuesday, October 4, 2011

5 ways to be ready for house guests.

Having house guests is so much fun, isn't it? Of course, sometimes it can be a little stressful too. It can also be stressful for the visitors; I know that I have trouble sleeping in an strange bed and in unfamiliar surroundings. Here are a few tips to make a visitor's stay in your dear little house completely comfortable.

Mantelpiece with Sweet Peas

1. Be Prepared. Try to think of what your visitor will need or want ahead of time, this will save you running around once they have arrived. Make sure that you have some of the things that they like on hand, for example their favourite kind of tea or snack food.

2. Helpful and handy. Have things ready in the guest's room such as blankets and towels so that they don't have to ask. A little welcome package won't go astray either; perhaps a small bar of gorgeous soap, a tiny bottle of luxurious moisturising cream, and some nice fluffy slippers? 

3. Clear out the clutter. Guest rooms have a habit of becoming 'miscellaneous junk' rooms without much effort, the effort comes when you have a guest coming and need to reclaim the space! Make sure you minimise the junk and maximise the space available to your visitor, especially in the drawers/ wardrobe.

4. Create a nice space. Add a few bits and pieces to welcome your guest and create a lovely atmosphere. A scented candle and a bunch of flowers go a long way! It goes without saying of course that a vacuum and a good dust before guests arrive is imperative. 

5. Enjoy the company. Give yourself time to enjoy your guest's company by taking care of errands and loose ends before they arrive. Be mindful too that your guest may want a little time to themselves, especially if they have had a long journey. 

So there you go, a few simple ways to make your guest's stay more comfortable for them, and more fun for you! 


  1. Great advice! Preparation is vital for a smooth and happy visit.

  2. Love Love Loving that mirror! Thanks for the great advice; its always nice having guests stay and making them feel that little bit spesh! xx

  3. That's such a cute image! Love that mirror. Great tips! We often have out of town guests, since my husband hails from Australia!

  4. if only i'd had some tips in august when my parents came or septe when a couple friend of ours came to stay! i'm so done with guests for now but lovely ideas!!

  5. I love the mirror too, it was a lucky eBay find :)

  6. my in-laws are coming to stay with us in december...will remember this list! xx

  7. My granny has a mirror really similar to that one in your picture. Thanks for sharing these tips!



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